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Headquartered in Houston, Texas, PEI serves the global martime industry providing leading technical solutions through fuel treatment, consultation, equipment and services.  As an authorized Aderco distributor, PEI works in close co-operation with its clientele to improve bottom-line performance by meeting operational and environmental goals and challenges, and ensuring regulatory compliance.

Aderco, founded in Canada in 1981, develops, manufactures and distributes specialized fuel treatments, including fuel conditioners and lubricity improvers. Aderco products are 100% vegetal-organic, 100% ashless and 100% metal-free, setting the benchmark for greater performance, efficiency and sustainability in fuel-powered operations in the marine/maritime, mining, power generation and transportation sectors worldwide. No comprise. Just results.

2020 Sulphur Cap Solution

Compliance with the IMO 2020 Global 0.5% Sulphur Cap

for Ships’ Fuel Oil in Accordance with MARPOL Annex VI

Aderco SulphurCap2020 Flyer (pdf)


ICS 2020 Sulphur Cap Guidance (pdf)


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